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Disability Claims

If you need a disability attorney in Greensboro to help with your case,
Get Help From Maury Disability Law, No fee unless we win!

Disability Lawyer Greensboro, NC

If you live in Greensboro or any of the surrounding area and need Disability benefits, we understand this can be a tough time in your life. We know how hard life can be when you have health problems that keep you from working, and Maury Disability law wants to sincerely help you.

The main difference you will experience is that Deborah Maury will give you one on one personal attention through the entirety of your case. She has has over 30 years experience as a disability attorney in Greensboro will be personally involved in your case. Before Debbie’s own disability injury she was handling several hundred disability cases per year for numerous years and winning clients their benefits.  Now back at full strength, Debbie and Rosemary are handling only a few hearings per week to give each case and client more time and focus to win the benefits your deserve. We will dive into the details, and spend more on individual strategy at the various appeal levels.

We take pleasure in meeting every client one on one, rather than a large firm where you may have no clue who you’ll be dealing with on a given day. We are always here to answer your questions or provide any help you may need or answers to questions you may have during every step of this process.

We Want To Win Your Case As Soon As possible!

Our goal is to definitely win your case as soon as possible. However, it is plain fact that the percentages of cases at which benefits are awarded before the social security Administration has dropped substantially over the last 20 years by more than 10%.  This complicated the job of a social security lawyer.

If an when a case reached the hearing level, I see my job as a disability attorney and my offices job is to require 2 lines of attack:

At Maury Disability Law firm we will launch 2 lines of attack.

  1. Prepare the record and the hearing presentation to maximize chances of winning at the hearing.
  2. Developing the record to maximize chances of winning appeals beyond the heating if appropriate and necessary.

The issues likely considered by the Appeals Council of the SSA and especially in federal courts can vary from those considered by a hearing judge.  To be maximally effective, a Social Security lawyer must be familiar with applicable federal court law as well as the various levels of the SSA. The fact that a lawyer has been admitted to practice before federal court is a formality, and does not necessarily mean he or she engages in or keeps up with these areas of law, or develops the record at early, critical stages for the unfortunate possibility that later appeal is necessary.

Applying for Disability

If you have decided you are ready to file a claim and are wanting to do this process by yourself, you can fill out an application by making an appointment with your local Social Security office in person or apply for your disability benefits by visiting Social Security Administration’s website at .  The easiest way, however, is to can contact Maury Disability Law and we will help you fill out the application every step of the way.

The Maury Disability Law will file your Social Security disability insurance claim for you at no charge through our office. We are careful to file your claim completely and accurately in order to present your case in the best way possible to examiners. If your claim is filed in the correct manner it could lead to earlier approval or if done incorrectly could result in delays and difficulties throughout the duration of your case.

In short, if you or a loved one is ready to file a disability claim, reach out to Maury Disability Law Today

Do I need a Disability Attorney in Greensboro?

The simple answer is No. However, even though it is not required to have a Disability Lawyer in Greensboro, NC to help with your case, it can help your claim for disability benefits go more smoothly. Disability claims revolve around medical evidence demonstrating your impairments. Maury Disability Law will gather all your medical evidence and ask your doctor for their medical opinion regarding your illness.  This can vastly help your case as its heads to the hearing level, as we can present your medical condition to a judge in a complete and satisfactory manner to help them make the right decision on your disability claim.

The disability process is complex and you need a partner with the knowledge of Deborah F Maury who understands the process and details that matter in moving your case along, and most importantly, winning you the benefits you are entitled to. If you are disabled and unable to work, you have a right to Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security disability is not simple. Attorney Deborah Maury has extensive knowledge of Social Security disability benefits and is truly dedicated to helping those who deserve benefits.

If you are unable to work due to illness or injury, don’t try to tackle the system on your own. We are willing, ready, and able to help you.  Let’s get started today!

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